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The room of champions. A den for the Lions. On seven different occasions has history been made with seven provincial titles. Hundreds of speeches have been made, hundreds of prayers have been said, and thousands of “Lets go boys!” have been hollered in this very room. Two hundred different proud Lions have all stepped foot into this room. Countless upsets and countless hard-fought wins this room has experienced. A room where some things said will have to stay there, a room that’s heard jokes, seriousness, fury and motivational sayings. A place where Lions feel the most comfortable. Needless to say, this is a home where champions are born and raised.



The stall of greats. The resting place for many bruised and sore pla

yers between periods, and a spot where many players come to recollect their thoughts and gear up for another period to come. A seat, a home, of many assistant captains. Goal scorers, playmakers, grinders and shut down defenders have all plunked their butts in this stall. The bench has help up players feeling down, bruised and broken players, it has been whacked with sticks and slices by skates. This seat has seen as much as the room has, it’s where the veterans grow.


Jersey #21, been covering the shoulders of many Lions. Its been crushed, cut, ripped, sewn and washed more times then you could count. Its experienced and seen more than what the player’s eyes have. Absorbed the blood, sweat, tears of many players and more to come. Since its existence its seen all three provincials titles its been put through. But this is the first year an “A” has been sewn onto it, and hopefully not the last.


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